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Mini-Skimmer 02450
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The Pondmaster Mini Pond Skimmer is designed with preformed Pond Inserts in mind however this 'inside-the liner' skimmer works in any pond-side application where it can be positioned 12 inches deep or so and tethered into place using staked straps. It may be surrounded by stacked stone and covered with a thin-wall slab or artificial rock-cover.
No liner cutting required.
The Pond-Mag Pump connects to the lower outside of the skimmer box and pulls water in through the weir face. The water is strained and filtered through a rigid basket inside the skimmer. The pump then pulls the clean water from the skimmer and delivers it to your ultra-violet clarifier and water return. This method enables you to clean your pond filter debris-pad without having to pull the system up and out of the pond.
2 pound bags of Pondmaster bio-media may also be added to the skimmer to promote extra bio-chemical water cleaning using beneficial bacteria.

The mini-skimmer is for Pond-Mag Pumps 700gph thru 1800gph and performs well in ponds up to 1200 Gallons.

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